Do you share a bed with your pet?

Sharing your sheets with your dog or cat may be a good thing, a study suggests. But some experts say you may still want to consider alternate arrangements.

Dayle Fragin has a soft spot for dogs.

Not just in her heart, but also on her bed.

“It’s their home,” sais Fragin. “They’re second-chance dogs. I feel they need to feel comfort for the rest of their lifetime.”

Dayle, a full-time animal shelter volunteer, shares her bed with six dogs — schnauzers Muffin, Onyx, Minnie, Fred and Heidi, and a mixed breed named Carly.

“One moves, the other comes in, we constantly rotate. I never know who’s next to me, on top of me, wherever. On the bed, on top of the bed. It’s wherever they want to go,” she said.

Dayle’s not alone. There are plenty of photos online of people snuggled up under the covers with their pets.

“I just adore them. They show you so much love, companionship, friendship, anything in the world anyone could ask for,” Dayle said.

Sleep experts have long thought that pets in the bedroom are disruptive to a person’s sleep, but a recent Mayo Clinic survey found 41 percent of patients who share their beds with their animals find it beneficial.

Some say it helps them relax and gives a sense of security.

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